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„Black is the new black“ board Roger

„Black is the new black“ board Roger

Our new boards made of black Valchromat are here! We have designed 6 different shapes for different use in a limited edition. All boards have a wax sealing that can be removed for the boards´use.

Black Valchromat with a surface treatment with food safe hardwax oil treatment.
On the surface small wood fibres are visible, fibres which did not absorb the organic dyes. This peculiarity gives Valchromat its unique and natural look. Because wood, it’s main raw material, has natural variations in tonality, Valchromat can also show variations in colour.

H 39,5
B 20

What else?
Handmade in Berlin
Available in limited edition
Not dishwasher safe / Please rinse these products only by hand and dry them with a dry cloth

39 EUR