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jt Otso print in collaboration with Jesse Kontoniemi

jt Otso print in collaboration with Jesse Kontoniemi

„Otso„ means literally one of the hundreds of names for „bear“ in Finland.
These print by finish artist Jesse Kontoniemi have a story that dates back to 2015 when he came back to Finland after he spent time in Asia. The bear carries heavy weight of symbolism. But Jesse Kontoniemi is more into mixing secular ethics with Finnish native myths and views, how human was seen equal part of the nature: „In short form, I'm just curious to challenge my scientific beliefs.“

50 x 70 cm

170g paper matt

What else?
Limited to 100

About the artist:
Jesse Kontoniemi (28) is a finish artist and furniture designer. He was growing up in a small town with nature all around. Jesse is currently living in a cottage that's based in "Finnish Lakeland“ working as a full-time artist. His work is all about nature, space, literature, travelling and philosophy: „I think I'm on a lifelong voyage and trying to turn my experiences into something visual, that would bring thoughts for viewers. With this I'm also trying to revive old tradition of storytelling.“

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